Mortgage debt reduction specialist

I’ll find you a great mortgage deal for your needs and I’ll show you how to pay it off faster than you thought possible while you keep your existing lifestyle.

I show my clients how to save an average of 15 years and $213,000 in interest.

And then we help our clients to swiftly to grow their wealth and provide passive income from rental properties.

My core activity is debt reduction planning & implementation. No matter how well you think that your mortgage is set up, in my experience your mortgage is most likely to be costing you much more than it needs to.

Borrowers have gradually become conditioned by the lenders to simply accept the fact that they will pay for their home two to three times over, after all, there is no other way is there? If you're open to changing your thinking about mortgages, I'd be happy to show you much more efficient ways to pay your mortgage off while you maintain your existing lifestyle.


Since September 2008 I've shown my clients how to save
    in interest.

    Heres how my last 670 clients recently rated our training out of ten after I changed their thinking: 9.97

    9.85 / 10

    Dennis is trusted by the 29 lender partners that he is accredited with.

    Get your FREE copy of The Mortgage Game®, here's what you'll learn;

    • How to pay your mortgage off in half the time while maintaining your existing lifestyle.
    • 6 Secrets that lenders don't want you to know.
    • The best ever mortgage reduction strategy.
    • 8 things a robust mortgage reduction plan must have.


    How to reduce your mortgage by up to 15 years while maintaining your same lifestyle

    The Mortgage Game - How to reduce your mortgage by up to 15 years

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    Author: Dennis Stevenson
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    Dennis Stevenson

    Dennis Talks about The Mortgage Game® and why his proprietary program helps his clients to pay their mortgages off faster than they could ever have imagined possible while they get to keep their existing lifestyle.

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    The Mortgage Game® The Model

    If you’re like everyone who I work with then you’ll want a proven mortgage debt reduction model created specifically for borrowers by a mortgage debt reduction specialist.

    The Mortgage Game® Interactive Model is just that, a proven eight part model that reveals each step on the path to paying your mortgage off faster than you ever imagined possible while you keep your existing lifestyle.

    When you pop your details into the form below I’ll send you an email within a couple of minutes with the Model attached so you can begin to see why The Mortgage Game® is so powerful and so unique.
    The Mortgage Game The Model

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