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Freehold  Express managing director Dennis Stevenson knows about debt reduction from personal experience – he paid off his first mortgage in less than four years.

His own experience working in the financial services industry made him realise just how heavily mortgages are weighted in the lender’s favour.
After spending most of 2007 researching debt reduction on a full-time basis, Dennis’ research led him to believe that the market was poorly educated and that there was no one in New Zealand doing a good enough job at either educating the market, or in debt reduction itself.

He could also see that there was a significant amount of misinformation about debt reduction in the market and that some industry participants were using debt reduction as a tool to get their foot in the door to sell a number of other financial services.

In 2008 Dennis purchased a debt reduction business and rebranded it as Freehold Express and developed debt reduction strategies, systems and the associated planning software.

Numbers Aren’t Wrong

Dennis’ ethos has always been that of specialisation. He believes if you want something then find someone who specialises in that field and then educate yourself so you can make informed decisions.

He allows the numbers to walk the talk. Numbers aren’t wrong; 2+2 will always equal 4, day in day out. In most cases numbers will clearly show you that you don’t need to pay for your house two or three times over.

Client Relationship Management

Dennis has also developed a Client Relationship Management (CRM) application that manages the Freehold Express Plan. This application is available online to Freehold Express Clients.

Dennis Stevenson

Dennis talks first hand about the Freehold Express system and how their debt reduction strategies can help homeowners to become mortgage free faster than they could have ever imagined. 

Dennis is a Registered Financial Advisor (RFA). See Dennis’s Companies Office RFA Registration
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